Sunday, October 25, 2015

{Science} with A Drop of Water

We have continued with our water studies this term and conducted a few more experiments last week, which (again) were lots of fun! 

We read the sections on "Soap Bubbles" and "Bubble Shapes", then got some materials together for a little experimentation. After watching a youtube video here on making bubble shapes, and after reading Soap Bubble and Bubble Frame experiment notes in the back of the book, we got to work.

We connected straws to play-doh corners at first (to make our cube), but then the play-doh got slimy and didn't keep a firm grip on the straws. After that we decided to use pipe cleaners twisted together at the ends to form a cube. This worked fairly well, although the cube was a little lopsided. However, we did manage to get a shape to form in the middle. It wasn't the 3-D bubble cube like in the book or on the video. It was just a flat square ... but still cool!

We then attempted to bounce bubbles with our gloved hands. The kids had a ton of fun doing this, although I should have taken it outside. At least it wasn't a dirty mess.

After reading about how to rest a bubble on the mouth of a jar in order to drop a pin through it, we couldn't resist trying this out. We wet the pin with bubble solution and dropped it through the bubble. The bubble didn't pop! And quite by accident (as our hands were already so covered with solution) we discovered that even our fingers could pass straight through the bubble without it popping:

How cool is that?!?

After all this experimenting and excitement, Royal mentions how maybe we should start a science journal and write down our findings. ... And after blinking and pinching myself, I said: "Ok, good idea!"

Alice dictated to me her notes, then she copied them from the white board.

This addition to our Year 3 studies has been so much fun!
... and apparently inspiring as well ...

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  1. Ha--love that he thought of the journal himself!! So great. :)