Tuesday, October 6, 2015

{Keeping} :: September's Firsts

Quite a month of variety as we head into a season of change. 
I am glad to have gotten so many photos of our Firsts as well.


1  - spotted a canyon wren on our roof
    - elm seed pods dropping; ants carrying them underground

8  - rouge plants (pigeon berries) now showing red berries

    - identified mystery plant/grass: Plains Lovegrass

    - two red-headed woodpeckers up in an elm tree

9  - sandhill cranes flying south
    - rainy day ... cooler weather (80s)

12 - happened upon some Queen caterpillars ... there is a plentiful patch of milkweed vine
milkweed vine

19 - Monarch chrysalis formed

27 - bloodmoon
It was a cloudy evening.
I was thankful I could just get a glimpse of this spectacle.

28 - Monarch butterfly!

This one is a male.
Apparently the black lines nearest the body give the gender away.
Male's lines are thinner than female's, and they also have a little bulging black dot
along one of the lines nearest the body.
Can you spy it?

29 - Bigpod sesbania blooms down in the riverbed

30 - identified the Red Mulberry in our backyard (there are several)

Interesting how there are two kinds of leaves on the same tree, lobed and entire.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into Firsts in our part of the country.
What natural wonders are you noticing in your area?

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  1. The Elm seeds and ants, pretty awesome! What a busy month nature wise for y'all.