Tuesday, September 1, 2015

{Keeping} :: Spanish Notebook

I have been meaning to do a post on our (or my) Spanish Keeping Notebook for awhile. Now with Celeste's September Keeping Company Invitation, I have the impetus to go ahead and put some words and observations down in a post here.

This is something I desire to do consistently as a record, as well as a future resource for my children. 

First I must say that back when Royal was a wee 5-year-old, I actually started a crude version of a foreign language notebook where we would enter a new vocabulary drawing each day. I wrote the Spanish word at the top of the page:

More recently I began two books, one for each of the older two since they have been doing Spanish together since forever.

These spiral-bound books I already had on hand, initially to be purposed as a home for Royal's toddler art. After our move back to the States, I lost my "round tuit". ;-P 

As for the set-up, I just found a typical Spanish image to print off and set as the cover art to distinguish it as something special. The children colored their pictures, then I added the letter stickers to spell out "español":

As far as practicality goes, it really has fulfilled that purpose even thus far. I have had so many loose flashcards and papers to deal with. The keeping aspect of this notebook really lives up to its name in this case! Lol :-)

From various web searches and Pinterest posts on foreign language, I have seen the emergence of something called interactive notebooks. I took this idea as something to incorporate into our Keeping and hope it finds use as the children grow to use their books as a source for personal review:

And now with the numerous series we have been learning in our Around the House unit, I have a place to record the series as well as illustrate the vocabulary (with room to add more vocabulary that may belong to each of these rooms of the house):

So there it is!
A work in progress, for sure.

So now I want to see some of yours!
Drop me a line with a link if you've got a post highlighting your special foreign language Keeping.


  1. Okay, this looks really fun--I am so impressed! We started the same way, with a little picture for each word, though we keep ours on index cards in a box. We do the same thing with our series. But I like how you have it all compiled together. I have a feeling my daughter would love doing something like this. Right now, they have foreign language notebooks, but they aren't for Keeping--they're really just for copywork, review exercises, etc. for Italian and Latin. Not at all a formal record or keepsake. I'll have to show my kids these photos and see if they'd like to incorporate something similar in the future.

  2. The interactive notebook looks like a great idea. Even though my dd's 10 she'd probably enjoy doing that because she is always drawing anyhow.

  3. Hi Kristyn -- Mind if I use one of the photos in this post for this month's Keeping Company spotlight? Let me know! Thanks!

    1. Hey, no problem! Thanks for all your work in hosting every month :-)