Wednesday, September 9, 2015

{Keeping} :: August's Firsts

I really enjoy taking photos; however, for some reason August came and went without much evidence to supplement my Calendar of Firsts. I hope to remedy that the month of September.

Anyway, for a run-down of items I included in August, here 'tis:

8 - mourning dove feather collected and identified (with entry into our nature journals as well)
Alice's entry

Royal's entry

   - low ruellia blooms in dry, rocky creekbed: Creekside Trail Route

9 - sumac blooms

10 - prickly pears on cacti
     - western ironweed patch along roadside

12 - lots of crickets chirping

16 - snow on the mountain blooms

19 - rainy and cool! High: 72 degrees. WOW. Rained for 5 hours straight!

28 - Wilson's Warbler spotted at parents' home in central Texas. They are migrating south to the tropics.

30 - lots of Texas Frog-Fruit in the open fields up the hill

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