Sunday, May 3, 2015

{Spanish} :: ¡A Cantar!

In order to add in a little more actions having to do with clothing, I decided to make up my own song to the tune of Old MacDonald Had a Farm. I suppose that singing little phrases, with performing the appropriate actions along with the song, could be a form of the Gouin series that Charlotte Mason references and endorses. So why not add in a bit of diversity to our Spanish learning?

In thinking about things we do with clothes, I first came up with a list. I decided shopping is done first, then ordered all other actions in a logical sequence afterwards:

  • go shopping
  • buy
  • wash
  • dry
  • fold
  • put away
  • put on
  • wear
  • take off

So finally, the hardest part was the song leading up to the series, but I think this works out ok. 
Any native Spanish speakers, feel free to chime in and suggest better phrasing!

The way I do the song is by shuffling our clothing flashcards, placing them face down in the middle of us, then when we come to the first blank in the song, one child draws the card and has to say what it is from memory. (If using these clothing flashcards, just cut off words if your students are already reading!) Of course this song follows having practiced our clothing items for awhile, so for the most part the kids already know each article of clothing's Spanish word. 
Oh, and for words like necklace or hat or whatever, it is fun to go ahead and sing about washing and folding them because the kids think it's hilarious :-)

So here goes...

Spanish song:                                          Old MacDonald words:
Voy de compras ahorita.                            Old MacDonald had a farm.
¡Vamos, vamos ya!                                     E-I-E-I-O
En la tienda compro ____.                         And on that farm he had a ____.
Y a casa regresar.                                      E-I-E-I-O
Lavo ____.                                                 With a ____ here.
Seco ____.                                                And a ____ there.
Doblo ____.                                               (same tune over and over for the rest of the list)
Guardo ____.
Me pongo ____.
Llevo ____.
Me quito ____.
Voy de compras otra vez.                         E-I-E-I-O.

And thus the song repeats for as many times as you like, in order to practice the clothing items and verb phrases.


If interested in the translation...

I'm going shopping right now.
Let's go, let's go now!
In the store I buy ____.
And home to return.
I wash ____.
I dry ____.
I fold ____.
I put away ____.
I put on ____.
I wear ____.
I take off ____.
I go shopping again.

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