Saturday, May 2, 2015

{Keeping} :: My Commonplace, on being out-of-doors

"You see," said the stick, "there were as pretty little children once as you could wish to see,
and might have been so still if they had been only left to grow up like human beings,
and then handed over to me;

but their foolish fathers and mothers, instead of letting them pick flowers,
and make dirt-pies, and get birds' nests,
and dance round the gooseberry bush,
as little children should,
kept them always at lessons, working, working, working,
learning week-day lessons all week-days, and Sunday lessons all Sunday,
and weekly examinations every Saturday, and monthly examinations every month,
and yearly examinations every year, everything seven times over,
as if once was not enough, and enough as good as a feast --
till their brains grew big, and their bodies grew small, and they were all changed into turnips,
with little but water inside; and still their foolish parents actually pick the leaves off them as fast as they grow,
lest they should have anything green about them."

The Water-Babies
Charles Kingsley


  1. Kristyn, you and I are so on the same wavelength with this book! Check out my post here:

    I love how you paired the quote with outdoor images.

    1. Oh, wow. I looked back at this post of yours and had completely forgotten you entered this into your commonplace. And I even commented on it! (My memory is terrible). Maybe now that *I* have actually written these words down, it will stick :-)

  2. I love this quote! It is in my common place book as well! :-)

    1. Yes, such wise words, aren't they, Julie? How can they *not* resonate with parents?!? Convicting as well.
      Thanks for visiting :-)