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{EXAMS} :: Year 2, Term 1

A few days ago I posted our Year 4, Term 1, exam and I mentioned how Alice (age 7) is a September baby. I was not quite sure that she would be ready right away to jump into a more rigorous lesson schedule so decided a year or so ago to give her a few weeks of being 6 before jumping into Year 1, which is why we have been using an October/November start date. It was a bit rocky for the First Term that year and I had to slow down a little, but we managed to work her back up to getting on pace with her older brother in terms of which week of school I was scheduling in following the Ambleside Online curriculum.

At this point, she is doing fairly well and she has improved on her attention span. Understanding the readings is still a factor sometimes. History (names & following the happenings) seems to bog her down; however, I have tried to work on laying a better groundwork for her before we jump into the readings that give her trouble.

All that said, I am really impressed with her progress. 

On another note, reading skill: Some books she has read with just a little help from me are posted here. I believe she is doing great! 

Exam Questions (taken from AO's website with a few adjustments):
A sampling of her answers are in purple.

Bible (same as her older brother since we read together from the Year 4 listings). By the way, she did much better on her answers in this category than she did last term. Yay!
1. Tell how the people of Israel took Jericho.
2. Tell about John the Baptist and how he baptized Jesus.
3. Tell how Christ fed the hungry crowds. One day there was this boy that had a basket that only had 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread and there was like thousands of people and two fish and five loaves of bread couldn’t feed all of them so Jesus took the baskets and showed them to heaven and then there was a bunch of food in the baskets and the whole crowd was fed.


1. Tell about William the Conqueror and how he came to be kind of England. One day in his boat he went to England and fought and then all of them pretended like they were running away and then Wm gave them a warning to turn back and kill everyone so they did this and then England was surprised. Then all of them were killed.
2. Tell the story of the White Ship.

1. Tell about little 'Lias.
2. Tell about two things Christian saw in the House of the Interpreter, or about Mr. Worldly Wiseman. When Christian got hisself out of the swamp this guy came and his name was Worldly Wiseman. And then he showed him a way to a hill and he said that that would take his burden off so Christian went this way but then when he got to the foot of the hill he saw flames of fire and so he went back and went the other way. Oh but before that this guy came up and said why did you go this way? He said because Worldly Wiseman came and told me to go this way and he was like you don’t need to listen to Worldly Wiseman because he tells the wrong things.

1. What is a butte? Can you describe one? Or tell everything you know about the plains.
2. Describe a compass. What does it tell us?

Natural History & General Science
1. Tell what you know about a squirrel or a beaver.
2. Describe a favorite nature walk, and tell about something you found. One day we were on a walk and we saw these little flowers while we were resting. The name of the flowers are called little bluets. They have purple petals. And we saw a skunk.
3. Talk about the Afghan Pine or about a bird we learned about at the Nature Center. Owls turn their heads around because their eyes can’t move and because so they can look at danger all around them. I like the Great Horned Owl the best.


Picture Study: Albrecht Dürer
Describe your favorite work we studied this term.

Free Reading/Read-Aloud:
Choose one to illustrate and talk about.
     By the Shores of Silver Lake
     Pinocchio (audio book)
By the Shores of Silver Lake
1. Sing Juan 3:16 or Zaqueo
2. La caminata: Say what we do on a nature walk in Spanish

1. The Oak, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
2. Colossians 1:15-17
3. Recite one of your Sunday School verses

Sing your favorite folksong and hymn from this term.

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