Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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I actually finished Davy Crockett's Own Story, as written by himself a few weeks ago. I noticed it sitting by my bedside tonight with a bookmark still stuck a little past halfway. Remembering I do this to mark something I want to enter in my Commonplace, I decided I'd best take a look because I didn't remember if I ended up transcribing what important words Mr. Crockett penned. Turns out I hadn't!

So here it is, a modernized, frontier-style Davidic psalm, if you will... beautiful.

We were alone in the wilderness, but all things told me that God was there.
The thought renewed my strength and courage.
I had left my country, felt somewhat like an outcast, believed that I had been neglected and lost sight of:
but I was now conscious that there was still one watchful Eye over me;
no matter whether I dwelt in the populous cities, or threaded the pathless forest alone;
no matter whether I stood in the high places among men, or made my solitary lair in the untrodden wild,
that Eye was still upon me.
My very soul leaped joyfully at the thought;
I never felt so grateful in all my life;
I never loved my God so sincerely in all my life.
I felt that I still had a friend.


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