Wednesday, November 11, 2015

{Keeping} :: October's Firsts

As the calendar changed from September to October, the weather finally caught a clue that it really is autumn now! We are so happy to enjoy the changing seasons again. I just love fall. It is my favorite time of year. It is the primary season I truly missed when we lived in the jungle. I don't ever remember not enjoying autumnal changes before; however, after not having them for several years, I can honestly say that I am more thankful for the colorful beauty, the more filtered light and more pleasant temperatures that autumn brings.


From my Calendar of Firsts this month:

1 - gayfeather blooms & cooler daytime temperatures (80s finally!)

15 - gayfeather blooms fading
       flaming sumac leaves turning red
       red mulberry leaves turning yellow & falling

22 thru 25 - received a grand total of 14.5" of rain!

And for some more firsts (some nature-related, some not), you can check out this post from a few days ago.

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