Thursday, August 20, 2015

{Foreign Language} :: Around the House + Printable

We have been using the Cherrydale Press book Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and Francois for awhile now. I began using it as-is; however, after the first two or three series, I wanted to begin using the book more as a jumping-off point for other original series. After we complete a unit, sometimes I am at a loss as to what to focus on next so I will return to the book for another idea.

Our current unit is "Around the House"
I have broken the unit up into rooms of the house, each room with their separate series to learn and act out.

Series 1: the bathroom
* I take off my clothes.
* I take a shower/I take a bath.
* I dry off with the towel.
* I put on my pajamas.

Series 2: the bedroom
* I put on my pajamas.
* I get into bed.
* I sleep.

Series 3: the living room
* I walk to the couch.
* I sit down on the couch.
* I turn on the lamp.
* I read the book.

Series 4: the kitchen
* I cook the food.
* I serve the food.
* I wash the dishes.
* I dry the dishes.
* I put away the dishes.

Series 5: the dining room
* I set the table.
* I put the food on the table.
* I sit down in the chair.
* I pray.
* I eat the food.

Series 6: the garage
* I get in the car.
* I start the car.
* I drive the car home.
* I park the car in the garage.

We spend about two weeks on each series, and include review of all previous series throughout the week as well. At some point during the course of the series, I have been making entries into their Spanish Notebook (more on that in another post sometime).

Besides regular review, I like doing games or activities on the last day of school each week to have a fun way to reinforce vocabulary and verbs. Some of the my routine go-to games include Simon Says, Charades, Karuta, Rock-Paper-Scissors and Bingo.

This last week we used Bingo in a fun way to review all the series. I made up several Bingo cards, numbered randomly with the numbers 1-6 so the enumeration would correspond to the dots on dice.

Instructions for Bingo: Home Edition are as follows...

1. Roll the dice. Each number (1-6) corresponds to one room of the house.
     1=the bathroom
     2=the bedroom
     3=the living room
     4=the kitchen
     5=the dining room
     6=the garage

2. Whichever number the child rolls, they must say an action or sentence describing something they do in that room.
     Ex) The child rolls a "4", signifying the kitchen. They can say something like "I cook the food" or "I wash the dishes." Once one phrase has been said, the next time that number is rolled, a different phrase should be produced. (You could even print a list of all the series and mark off phrases as they are mentioned)

3. If the child says a correct action or phrase, they may place a marker on that particular number of the Bingo board. If not, they must wait until another turn.

4. The first child to get 5 markers in a row wins :-)

Here are my Bingo cards if you'd like to print, cut & play this game too! The middle gray space is the FREE space:


  1. Love this idea! I'm thinking of using Cherrydale's French starting next term. So thanks for a peek at ways to get "creative" with it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I think doing series as suggested by Cherrydale Press, or even just lots of TPR (i.e. heavy on the verbs/actions) allows for lots more interaction and ability to get ideas across faster than traditional methods of teaching foreign language. And it's so much fun :-)