Thursday, July 16, 2015

{Keeping} :: June's Firsts

I feel as if lazy summer days are getting me. I have been so behind on things!
So, now mid-July, I am just getting around to posting our June Firsts.

1     - identified lemon-mint

2     - wonderful aroma of the basket flower at the state park

3     - identified meadow pink and mountain pink. 
         First 90 degree day.

5     - mosquito larva
         Giant swallowtail butterfly

6     - saw a beaver down at the river!

8     - mosquito pupa

10   - mosquito adult

11   - four o'clock flower buds

14   - first rain of the month

21   - cedar waxwings spotted

24   - copperheads starting to appear in the area ...Needless to say, our time outside (especially in the evenings) is very monitored and limited!...


  1. I really like how you pair your written firsts with photos--I may have to copy that one of these months! The Calendar of Firsts is such a small, easy addition to our nature journaling but the results have been so satisfying. I'm glad you're keeping up with it also!

    1. Thanks, I have to admit that July's Firsts list is a bit skimpy though ... only because I have just been hot and tired and feeling a bit burned out. I hope to remedy that in August!