Friday, July 24, 2015

Alice's Exam :: Year 1, Term 2

As discouraged as I caught myself being after last term's Exam with Alice, I am pleased to say that I see progress in her narrations and recall of information! It really is a joy to be a first-hand witness to your child's educational development that homeschooling affords, and the day-by-day process of reading and narrating definitely shows dividends if we parents just hang in there long enough to take notice.

  1. Tell about the crossing of the Red Sea OR how the Israelites were fed in the Wilderness. (could not recall)
  2. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego: They wouldn’t bow down to this statue and he said, “if you don’t bow down to this statue you will be thrown into this fiery furnace.” And they said they were gonna do it one more time and if they didn’t bow down, they would be thrown into the fiery furnace. And then they didn’t bow down to the statue so they got thrown into the fiery furnace and then when they saw them in the furnace they said, “didn’t they throw three people in?” Then they said, “yes”, then  he said, “why do I see four?” And then Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego stepped out of the furnace and they didn’t even see a burn on their skin. 
  3. The Good Samaritan: This is Jesus telling it. There was this preacher that passed by him and when he saw him he just went away. And then another preacher passed by and he saw him and he just went away. And then this Samaritan came by and saw him and then put him on his donkey and then he went home and took care of him. 

Copy “The boy took the gold, and thanked the giver.”

  1. Tell about how Arthur became King: Everybody tried to pull the sword out of the rock, but they couldn’t, and then Arthur said, “Let me try.” And then he tried and he pulled it out like it wasn’t even hard.
  2. Tell about Gregory and the pretty children: There was this guy called Gregory walking through the town and he saw three pretty children running around and so he was thinking. Then he saw the chains around their neck and then he decided to buy those children. And so he took them home with him and then he taught them about Jesus and then they were going to go home and they were going to teach their brothers and sisters about Jesus, but the other people wouldn’t let them. But then he sent them to this other guy and he took them there and then they arrived at an island, but that wasn’t it. And then they went to another place and when they got to that place, that was it. What’s "it"? England? (LOL!)

  1. The Monkey and the Cat: There was nuts in the fire and then the monkey wanted the cat to take them out and so she reached her paw in there and took one out very fast. And then she kept doing that and then the monkey kept sneaking and sneaking all the nuts and the monkey kept letting the poor little cat’s paws get all burnt. That was a mean little monkey!
  2. The story of Grace Darling: Grace Darling lived in a lighthouse and she was in a storm and there was people on a wrecked ship out on a big rock. And she wanted to go save them but her father said no. And she kept saying please until her father said ok. So then they took a little boat and they went out to the rock and got the people who were half drowned and then they got back to the shore safely and went back to the lighthouse and the people who were on the wrecked ship stayed there until the storm went away and then they could all go back to their own homes.

  1. Find Lake Michigan on a map. Can you show where Gary is?
  2. Label the Great Lakes region on the map.
  3. Talk about how we have daytime and nighttime. Use balls if you like. 

Natural History & General Science
  1. Describe something you found on a walk: Down at the lower pond of the dining hall there is a fossilized shell in a rock. It felt like a rock because the shell was out. The fossilized shell was bumpy.
  2. Tell what you know about the Great Blue Heron: Whenever he flies he folds his neck up. When he is not flying, his neck is out and his neck is very, very long. It could be as long as my mom’s arm. Not the bird, its neck. His beak isn’t slippery because if it was slippery, he couldn’t catch the fish. We’ve seen them at Big Rocks Park.
  3. Tell what you know about Cardinals, their nests and their babies: The first time we’ve ever seen baby birds is when we saw a mama Cardinal making her nest and then she laid 3 eggs and the first egg that the mama had laid hatched. The first day we saw a crack in the egg and the birdie was so cute! And then the next day we saw another baby bird and then the day after that we saw the other baby bird. It was so cute. When the baby Cardinals had been set free when we see other baby Cardinals they have red blotches all over them. And the daddies are all red with orange beaks and the mamas are grey with orange beaks.


  1. Mom buys a bag of 10 apples. You, Bethany & Mackenzie each eat one apple. How many are left? __7__
  2. In a fish tank, you count 3 goldfish, 3 angelfish and 3 guppies. How many fish are there altogether? __9__
  3. A dime = __?___ cents
  4. A penny = __?___ cents 
  5. How much would 2 dimes and 3 pennies be? __23 cents___ (after a quick reminder of a dime & penny, she was able to answer this easily)

  1. Name each room of the house: el garaje, la cocina, el comedor, la sala, el dormitorio, el baño
  2. Choose one of the following rooms & tell me what you do there: (She ended up saying what she did in each room)
  1. the bathroom - Me quito la ropa. Me ducha. (ducho). Me seco con la toalla. Me pongo los pijamas.
  2. the bedroom - Me quito la ropa. Me pongo los pijamas. Me meto en la cama. Duermo.
  3. the living room - Me siento en el sofá. Prendo la lámpara. Leo el libro.

Free Reads
Choose one of the books we read together this term & draw a scene from the story; explain.

Alice in Wonderland - Alice is sleeping and the leaves are attacking her. Then she woke up and then her big sister fell asleep. Now it’s, “Who in wonderland?”

Composer Study
Draw a scene from on of the following & talk about it:
  1. Peter and the Wolf
  2. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  3. Hansel & Gretel - Hansel is picking up strawberries. Remember that time that he dropped the strawberries? So he’s picking them up. And there’s a big pile of rocks behind them. Right beside Gretel is a big rock and there was a witch out in the woods trying to find people. And Gretel told Hansel to pick up the strawberries because he had dropped them.

Picture Study

Haystacks - There’s these haystacks and there’s little piles of hay around them because some of the hay slipped off. The haystacks look like little houses, but they’re really not. It looks like there’s a house in the background and there’s another house over in the trees and where one of the houses is there’s a fence and a tree hanging over the fence and it looks like it is summer and it is very grassy and it could be spring. It’s very sunny and the sun is shining right on the haystacks and there’s trees in the background and also a mountain.

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