Friday, June 5, 2015

{Handicrafts} :: Leatherwork with Nana

I love that the grandparents live just up the hill from us. It is so convenient for a variety of reasons! One of those reasons is that they have a good supply of handicraft materials, including supplies to make things out of leather.

As Royal is completely enamored with the frontier lifestyle (namely Davy Crockett) and Alice enjoys her fair share of Little House play, they love any opportunity to work on a project that involves leather.

Nana supplied all the materials AND the helping hand :-)

Royal designed a sheath for his pocket-knife.

Grandpa did all the hole-punching with the leather-punch tool, then Royal worked at sewing it all up.

Alice practiced some hand-sewing up each side of a long piece of soft leather, with Nana making final touches, including the strap and some butterfly bling :-)

Now it's time to go out and shoot a bear...

Royal, donning his leather bullet pouch, canteen, coon-skin hat and moccasins.


  1. We have grandparents that live just up the hill from us too! I love getting them involved in projects. My father-in-law has done several basic woodworking projects w/ the kids. I love that they have a chance to work with him like that. They've done things with my MIL too, but she's still working so her time is a lot more limited. I haven't tried any leather working with them, but I bet they'd really enjoy it.

    I love that last picture too - it reminds me of my boys!

    BTW, I found your blog through Celeste's - I'm enjoying looking around at all you've shared. I'll definitely be coming back! :-)

    1. Thanks, Amber :-)
      Being near grandparents sure has its perks, doesn't it?
      So glad you meandered over here to visit. Do come back!

  2. Love this!!! My 10yo went through a HUGE Davy Crockett phase as well! :) Great ideas!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      Well the Davy Crockett thing is so big here that we are doing his 9th birthday in 2 days with this theme! It's actually a lot of fun getting ready for it. I may have to post about it here too after the birthday buzz has died down a bit :-)