Friday, May 8, 2015

{Handicrafts} :: Minnow Trap

If your boys (or girls!) like fishing as much as my 8-year-old son does, this is a simple way to make a minnow trap. The minnows can be used as bait for catching bigger, eating-sized fish. Our fish of choice around here is catfish (blue, yellow or channel), although we catch alligator gar and gasper goo from time to time as well. But we love catfish!

So cutting the top off a juice bottle and inverting it (sans lid) serves as the mechanism.

Dad helped Royal drill a few holes around the top in order to sew fishing line through and around the opening to keep the trap from falling apart.

Two holes were also drilled on the side in order to string fishing line through to cast and anchor to shore.

White bread crumbs are dropped in and used to lure the minnows.

to get the trap to sink more, we dragged it through the water to fill it

Literally within minutes of throwing in the trap we had minnows, but we left it and came back later to quite an amazing amount!

Now to go fishing...


  1. Thanks for this idea, Kristyn. It's getting close to fishing time in our neck of the woods and we have found that minnows are the best bait. We will definitely give this a try. :)

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