Tuesday, March 24, 2015

{Handicrafts} :: Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

It's Spring!

Seems like the weather took a turn for the warmer around here real quickly.
We've gotten good rains, the grass is green, trees are budding...

Birds are everywhere!

So with our "spring fever" we decided to make some extra bird feeders during one of those rainy days recently. Here is the inspiration for the feeders we made.

popsicle sticks
wood glue
twine/hemp string

We used 8 fat popsicle sticks for the bottom, then started stacking others around in a square, Lincoln-Log style, adding a bit of glue to the tips to hold them all together.

We also decided to make a suspended square of popsicle sticks above the feeder, so this was glued separately.

After allowing the glue ample time to dry, we drilled small holes in all the corners in order to run our twine through.

Each piece of twine measures 22"
We cut four at this length.

Next we tied knots at the end of each piece of twine, which would be at the bottom corners of the feeders, underneath.

After passing each piece of twine through a corner hole, we measured up 7 1/2" to place another knot here, where the top square piece would be held aloft.

Finally a knot was tied at the top, binding all four pieces of twine together, ready to be hung outside on a hook.
And they were hung on the next sunny day we had.

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