Tuesday, February 10, 2015

{Handicrafts} :: Bug House

This little DIY project set was a gift from some good friends of ours awhile back: a bug house to build.

I am trying to find practical handicrafts for Royal and Alice ... things that they both will enjoy. 
So I figured after the hand-stitched cards, I had better look for something more boyish. 
But, as it happens, both kids really like trying their hand at these seemingly gender-specific handicrafts.

That is the capital charge against most schools.
The teachers underrate the tastes and abilities of their pupils.
-CM, Vol 6: A Philosophy of Education, p 52

Our aim in education is to give children vital interests in as many directions as possible 
-- to set their feet in a large room -- 
because the crying evil of the day is, it seems to me, intellectual inanition.
-CM, Vol 3: School Education, p 231

So we talked about sanding, and how you need to take note of the direction of the wood's grain. 
(Oh, and what is "grain"?)
 So we defined that, then decided which way we should sand before getting to work...

After preparing a nice, smooth surface, we used a little wood glue and nailed the frame together.
We talked about how to hold a hammer properly to get maximum power out of your swing.

Don't you just love Alice in her Little House attire?

So after the wood glue dried, Royal went on to paint the house camouflage...

And then after tacking the screen around, it was finished.

Now just to wait for spring when bugs abound!

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