Thursday, January 15, 2015

{Handicrafts} :: Weaving

My sweet girl got this hand-held weaving loom from her Nana awhile back.

passing the weaver's sword through the warp yarns

I decided to get it out for her this afternoon. (It seemed very Little House-ish, which we all just love).
After looking at the instructions and reading the handful of project options, she was so excited when "doll blanket" was mentioned.
That was all it took for her to take off into the world of weaving!

after separating the warp yarns, the shuttle is passed through
the shed with the colored yarn, or weft, wrapped around it.

after passing the shuttle through, the weaver's sword is flattened
again to push the woven yarn close together.
We don't have the beater (or special comb), but this works
just as well.

It really is super easy and she loves it.
She even wove during our read-aloud of On the Banks of Plum Creek. How fun!

So what sort of handicrafts are y'all working on?


  1. I love this! We actually have a similar loom but I have never gotten it out (blush!)--must do that soon, because I think a doll blanket would be right up my daughter's alley. :) My two older girls got sewing kits for Christmas, so my oldest has been continuing her bits of hand sewing and my second oldest is learning how to begin with some lessons with Mommy. :)

    1. The loom has been so easy and fun. I hope you get it out soon! Look forward to seeing your daughter's creation :-)