Wednesday, January 21, 2015

{Handicrafts} :: Hand-stitched Cards

So in my search for new, and different, handicrafts for the New Year, I decided upon these wonderfully simple hand-stitched cards:

This is great handiwork for fine-motor skills and the beginning sewist ... or sewer.

OK, apparently sewer has two pronunciations: one describing the nasty gray water running through the pipes; the other meaning a person who sews. So in print, you must use context clues :-)

As for sewist there is evidently some discussion as to whether or not it is even a word. (My spell-check doesn't even recognize it and keeps wanting to change the word to sexist!) At any rate ... It is an evolution of our ever-changing language, combining "sew" with "artist." I personally kind of like the word sewist. And it definitely describes better the handiwork we are working on this week!

What we used:
blank greeting cards
additional cardstock for sewing design onto
embroidery floss
embroidery needle
push pin
free design templates (or create your own)

This month there are birthdays a'plenty, so we are using them right away for gifting!

After printing the free templates, we started to work preparing the design:

Then we selected our floss from a wonderful assortment I happened upon at a garage sale!

And then the fun part began:

The finished products:

I'd love to know what you are doing this week!


  1. Love this, Kristyn. We might have to try this for Valentine's Day. :)
    Our handicrafts for the week have including cooking, baking, and a little bit of sewing (my girls), and making wooden swords from scrap lumber (my boys). We also did some Origami.

  2. Awesome! Glad to pass this gem of a handicraft along.
    Sounds like y'all have been enjoying LOTS of life-skills and handiwork! How fun :-)

  3. A lovely job done by your young sewists!

    1. Thanks, Carol! It really is one of those projects where success is easily attained. A great one for the younger crowd to have a beautiful product to gift proudly :-)

  4. Beautiful and perfect for little hands. I think we'll make some of these for my grandmother, who went into a nursing home last year. (And they would be lovely for Valentine's Day.)

    1. Awesome, Amy! I hope your kiddos enjoy it like we did. And I know the recipients will. These two we gifted were received with such sweet comments :-)

  5. So pretty! We did something similar for our Valentine's cards. We'll have to try these now. :) It's a great handcraft for really little hands. We tried soapcarving recently, but my oldest is 6 so that was a little more difficult.

    1. Thanks, Catie. These are great for those little hands :-) I know y'all will enjoy them!

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed making these hand-stitched cards. We had such fun making them last Christmas. I especially love that kids can make them independently for the most part!

    1. Yes, Crystal. I so appreciate the simplicity, yet beautifully striking result, of this handicraft! Thank you so much for posting the tutorial and for the free templates!